Friday, June 08, 2012

The loundspeaker, it hums!

I’m currently on a shopping-spree on eBay. There are certain categories of slightly outdated equipment that frequently contain amazing things almost for free… The latest evidence for this is presented below.

When sitting in my bureau/lab/workshop in the basement, I usually listen to music on small passive loudspeakers fed by a tiny 2x 22W amplifier, and I was always annoyed that sound had almost no bass… Those times are over now, or so it seems.

I recently acquired a 12” Subwoofer basically for free on the ‘bay and now finally had the time to close the big hole left from the missing active amplifier and crossover module with a piece of MDF. The good thing is that mechanically the subwoofer is absolutely pristine, short of a very small bent on the metal front grill.


(the cover will be painted black and supplied with a proper Speakon connector soon, maybe in 2015 Winking smile)

Fed from a Delta44 Soundcard (ebay, 1€) through a dual LM3886 amplifier module (bought, again, for almost no money from ‘bay in 2009…) and crossover functionality supplied by Francois Bourdon’s excellent crossover plugin (when listening to music on Windows) everything sounds absolutely stunning. I’ll try the corresponding recipe for pulseaudio soon.


(LM3886 “Gainclone” Amplifier)

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