Monday, May 16, 2005

Pentecost, Garden and ISDN

Enjoying pentecost, and relocated my cordless phone's base-station so I can chat with friends while hanging around in the garden. Oh Joy. Morgan, if you read this: Greetings from Nils :-)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

From Apples MAC-OSX compatible devices page: Mac OS X offers built-in support for more exotic offerings such as (..) mice with (..) more than one button.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


amidst all the sharp-edged and otherwise pointy stuff, is a single purple sombrero. Confiscated by the NTSA. In the name of national security. If there was ever web zen, this is it. This is the sound of one hand clapping.

S65 is a piece of crap.

The Siemens S65 mobile phone is a piece of crap. The bluetooth implementation is so unstable that is essentially useless. I have a less than 30% chance of successfully connecting the the emulated serial port (/dev/rfcomm0), most of the time the phone just reboots or the bt-connection times out. This of course means that internet access via that phone is basically useless. GPRS also is unstable as hell, not only through bluetooth (which does not work most of the time anyway, see above) but also the locally running java applets are basically useless because of the shoddy GPRS/ppp/IP... implementation of that crappy mobile. Now I have somehow a corrupt message store for SMS messages. This means that the menu that formerly gave me a list of folders where the SMS are stored just gives me a blank screen (100% white pixels) and I have to hold the "hangup" key for 2 seconds which aborts the currently running menu and goes back to the "default" screen. Thanks, no more SMS for me. And to add insult to injury: When you search for **ANYTHING** concerning those things on the web you find websites built by 12 year old imbeciles which brag about how great it is to make photos with the dreadful 1.3 MPixel camera or about the awsome ringtones which the S65 digest in 18 different formats. Or you find sites wanting to sell you software how to "unlock" the phone, which means to release the restrictions imposed upon you by the cartel formed by the telephone network operstors and the vendors of the phone. That somehow the corrupt file (which I alredy found in the phone's filesystem, but in a location which locks me out from modifying or deleting it) is also protected, I am not amazed at all. So to make a long story short: Thank you Siemens for building, and Thank you Telekom for selling me a absolute abysmally fucked up piece of shit.