Sunday, March 09, 2014

Playing with a AM2302 Temperature/Humidity Sensor & LUFA

I played around with a Adsong AM2302 Temperature/Humidity sensor today which has a pretty neat serial interface.

From Chris’ Miscellanea

I wrote some code to read in the data using the input-capture mode of the Timer/Counter1 in a AVR ATmega32u4 (way overpowered, but it's handy on a Olimexino 32U4 board) to learn about using the LUFA USB library a little, maybe someone can put it to actual use?

$ cu -l ttyACM0
Triggering conversion.
AS2302 raw bytes: recv cnt=0 01 76 00 fa 71

status: 0, temp=250 (*0.1 dC), rh=374 (*0.1%)

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