Thursday, December 06, 2012

Note: Archlinux on the Toradex T20

Update (November 2016): Archlinux on the Toradex T20 (with Archlinux' kernel)

A lot of people got hold of a Toradex T20 board which was given away in exchange to a €20 donation to the red cross (if I remember correctly).

To get Archlinux running quickly on the T20 running the rootfs from a micro-sd card (kernel stays on internal NAND flash, so does the toradex firmware):

  • Get the ARMv7 Tegra2 TrimSlice root filesystem and put it on a micro-sd card (first partition, create a ext4 filesystem for it).
  • Getl the T20_LinuxImageV2.0Alpha2_20121019.tar.bz2 from Toradex, put the T20 module into recovery mode and install the linux-image as prescribed on Toradex' website.
  • Boot the T20 board, interrupt the boot sequence. Add the following two environment variables to the u-boot bootloader:
setenv myargs ip=off root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootfstype=ext4 rootflags=data=writeback,commit=15
    setenv myboot run setup\; setenv bootargs \${defargs} \${myargs} \${mtdparts} \${setupargs}\; echo Booting from NAND...\; nboot ${loadaddr} 0 ${lnxoffset} \&\& bootm
    • Run your image.
    run myboot
    • If you are satisfied with the result, save this modification with...
    setenv bootcmd run myboot

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