Saturday, December 10, 2011

HP82240A RedEye on Arduino Duemilanove

A long time ago I had played with my old HP 82240A printer, but unfortunately I somehow misplaced the software I wrote back then. So I re-wrote it, you can get it on github. This time it's written for a Atmel AVR ATMEGA328P as used on the Arduino Duemilanove because this little board makes prototyping so very convenient.
From chris' blog


forsvunnet said...

Hi Chris. I just got hold of an HP82240A and have searched the internet high and low for some arduino code which to use for printing and your blog post is the closest I've come.

Unfortunately I'm kinda an Arduino noob and with the lack of a .pde file in your source then I'm stumped.

Would you be so kind as to shed some light on how to use your code?
I tried including the files in an Arduino sketch but it just tells me that there is no such file as "avr-redeye.h"


Christian Vogel said...

Forsvunnet, I'll try to see if one can integrate the RedEye stuff into the regular Arduino framework, usage of the two timers will for sure impede some arduino functionality, most likely "analog outputs" on the PWM pins.

As it is now, it's standalone code which you have to compile with the normal gcc-compiler (for AVR) as described in the Makefile. Using linux, it should be fairly easy, just "apt-get install build-essentials avr-libc avrdude" then "make burn". The code then only puts stuff you send via the serial port out on the infrared link.

Send me an email at vogelchr(at)vogel(dot)cx especially in case I forget about it in the next week(s) ;-)

forsvunnet said...

Thanks for the reply Christian =)

It would be very useful with a plain arduino version, but I'll have a go at the linux instructions for now and see if i can get any results.
I'm thinking about linking the printer to my twitter account through my old lappy. Should be a nice little project. I'll post some pics when & if i get it up an running =)