Friday, June 10, 2011

Behringer UB1002 Pre-Fader FX Modification

I have a small UB1002 mixer from Behringer connected to my computer, but one of the annoying things about this (otherwise very cost-effective and nice) device is that the built-in AUX/Effect bus is configured as post-fader only. And therefore I never had any use for it. With a little soldering, I managed to convert it to pre-fader, which makes the FX output much more useful as a pre-listening or monitor channel. For the stereo-channels 3–10, you can just move one resistor each, solder it perpendicular to its normal location and add a jumper wire on the unconnected end of the resistor:
From chris' blog
From chris' blog
For the mono-channels, the resistor to the FX-summing-bus is integrated in a four-channel resistor array. Therefore I chose to cut the trace from the resistor pad to a via next to it (indicated with a red line in the picture), and add a resistor from the parts box (the ones soldered in a 45 degree angle to the pins of the FX-pot). I only found 4.7kΩ in my parts box, the resistor-pack nominally is 5.1kΩ:
From chris' blog

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Alexander Hartmann said...

Thanks a lot for this post. I just got a UB1002 from a friend but found out it has a post fader setup. Not bad for some uses, but I wanted an FX pre fader setup, so I could use a gate/limiter to silence the ground noise of an electric guiter effect chain.

By the way, the links to those pictures are broken. Only the thumbnails are shown. Luckily I found the bigger pictures in your archive.

I guess I will get some SMD resistors in the next days.