Saturday, July 07, 2007

We have to get rid of Schäuble.

That unpleasant guy in the upper right, Wannabe-Mielke-On-Wheels, our obviously insane Minister of the interior seriously wants germany to have it's own Guantanamo. I'm not kidding you. Furthermore he wants the state to conduct targeted assasinations. Here is the quote from Tagesschau, germanys most promiment news programme:
Damit will Schäuble künftig auch gegen Terror-Sympathisanten und so genannte Gefährder schärfer vorgehen. Zum Beispiel durch die Einführung des Straftatbestandes der Verschwörung, "wie in Amerika", sagte er. Das bedeute, "Gefährder zu behandeln wie Kombattanten und zu internieren". Ob er dabei an Gefangenenlager wie das umstrittene US-Lager Guantánamo in Kuba denkt, sagte Schäuble nicht.
(Schäuble wants to approach terror sympathisers and so-called threatening persons more aggressively, for example by creating the element of crime of conspiracy, just like in the U.S.A, he says. According to him, this means to treat these threatening persons as enemy combattants and detain them. He did not specify if he thinks about something like the guantanamo camp.) As Felix von Leitner puts it, the Dachau concentration camp is still in good shape, maybe we should just re-activate it? All that information about the crimes of the nazi regime that is done there is obviously completely outdated and therefore no more necessary. And while we are at it, we could start a new SS which then can conduct the targeted killings that Mr. Schäuble also wants us to do? (certainly he got inspired by Israel in this regard):
"Wir müssen darüber reden, ob das Maß an Prävention, das unseren Polizeigesetzen heute schon eigen ist, genügt", so Schäuble. Eine Möglichkeit seien Auflagen für Gefährder, die nicht abgeschoben werden könnten - etwa ein Kommunikationsverbot im Internet oder mit dem Handy bis hin zu "Extremfällen wie dem so genannten Target Killing", also der gezielten Tötung von Verdächtigen durch den Staat.
(we have to talk about the question if the preventive measures the law grants the police are enough. One possibility would be to bar these threatening persons from communicating by internet or mobile phone. Or targeted killings in extreme cases.) These discussions really turn my stomach. I mean that man is obviously insane by demanding these acts in the first place but also without a single terror victim in germany since several decades. It's the same idiot that brought us the online searches few weeks ago, even though he has no idea what the internet is in the first place... I'm really disgusted by this appaling disregard for our constitution or basic human rights for that matter. Read the Bundestrojaner-Blog for one of several summaries which sure will start to appear during the day.

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