Monday, June 05, 2006


Jun 5 21:12:55 entropy racoon: INFO: IPsec-SA established: ESP/Transport[0]->[0] spi=254685122(0xf2e2fc2)
21:21:20.338991 IP > AH(spi=0x07252808,seq=0x6): ESP(spi=0x0f2e2fc2,seq=0x6), length 76
21:21:20.339403 IP > AH(spi=0x723baa29,seq=0x8): ESP(spi=0x29eed679,seq=0x8), length 76
< I played around with IPSEC today, it's quite some fun after you have found out all the rough edges :-). But now, hooray, ipsec between the windows-notebook and one linux-machine.

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